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(1) Square + RH wrist = 35% risk from airborne contagion (2) Flower + Stomach = 10% risk from moisture contagion (3) Flower + LH arm = extreme risk (4) Hair + neck = 20% risk from surface contagion

A nano health supplement that boosts the immune system to such acute senstitivity that contact with any potential presence of a virus or bacteria manifests into various visuals codes onto the skin. This supplement is called 6sense.

This project explores the future implications of nano smartsensor technology that is currently used to gather information about the presence of a virus in our environment. Particularly focusing on how this forewarning may eventually lead to paranoia and affect our relationsips with each other and our environment.

The 6sense health supplement is biokleptic & integrated into our own immune system to enable it to become a systematic code of reference, tailor-made to our own genetic make up.  This supplement boosts our immune system and augments our own natural senses with a degree of sensitivity and intelligence that has not been possible before.But how will this affect our intimate relationships if a mark appears in the wrong place at the wrong time? …

My advisers were the Nanoscientist Professor Richard Jones & Nanobiologist Amanda Aloia

6Sense Proxemic Chart

6Sense Quarantine Zones Map

6Sense Health Supplement DNA Test

6Sense Insurance Policy

6Sense Dictionary

6Sense Health Supplement Starter Kit


‘Forewarned is Forearmed’ article from The Independent supplement, January 2006

Forewarned is Forearmed



Scarification and Codification

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