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A group research project in collaboration with Intel and their People And Practices Research group (PAPR). We developed new ethnographic methods to gather design intelligence as a means to speculate on possible futures for a particular section of Gloucester Road in South Kensington, London

Inspired by the ethno-fiction methods of Jean Rouch we used creative interventions to collaborate with the street and its inhabitants in order to generate methods of how to find ways to ask questions about possible future scenarios.

The SWAPBOX service that dealt with value and goods exchange on the street of the future. The Swap Shop was a service installed on Gloucester Road, where bypassing people could take an item, such as a DNA sample, and swap it for something else, like a skill or a service. The hypothetical trade provoked conversations about the value of intangible elements, e.g. knowledge, and in which context they might be used in in the future.

SWAPBOX Ethno-Fiction Experiment

Contents of the SWAPBOX

The BUILD-YOUR-OWN-STREET concept was a tool to encourage inhabitants to speculate as to how their neighbourhood may be networked in the future by arranging components on a plan of Gloucester Road..

Collaborators: Henry Holland, Chris Hand,Thomas Wynne-Morgan, Michiko Nitta, Marei Wollersberger, Joanna Sim and Susana Soares.

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