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A biofeedback system customisable to your diet and own sense of identity

For the love of milk

Biofeedback scenario for the Tackling Obesities project at Foresight, Government Office of Science.

Biofeedback creates a visual, sensory and bodily feedback system in response to dietary intake. The service can be tailored to an individual’s body, needs and aesthetic ideals. For adults the biofeedback system can be used as an intimate real-time display of food intake and dietary needs. In children a standard biofeedback system is implanted at a young age to help parents understand the dietary needs of their children and see the results of their food provisions. The display on the body, resembling a rash or allergic response but controlled into a meaningful aesthetic display, provides a preventative measure of what the early diet can accumulate to in later life.

As a side effect to these biofeedback measures in children we are observing interesting social interactions and stigmatization. The visual indication system has embodied societal symbolism to that found in child abuse cases where bodily bruising and marks are important evidence. Consequently the question of a child’s choice has received increasing discussion with dietary intake high on the agenda as n leading contributor to the shaping of a child’s future life.

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