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Nurse offers DNAspittoon to would-be mother

Future mother wears MRI helmet

The MRIscan ritual begins

Four films showing 4 possible futures of child after analysis of DNA from would-be parents is combined

P-Evo Clinic scenario for the Tackling Obesities project at Foresight, Government Office of Science.

As an ultimate preventative measure in response to the prolific obesity epidemic, the P-EVO Clinic, coined from the abridged term for personal evolution, was founded as an institution to help those susceptible to the many edifices of the obesiogenic environment.

In an earlier guise, p-evo grew from the traditional family planning institution but it evolved in regards to new scientific and technological ameliorations. P-evo’s earliest intervention in many lives comes before a baby’s conception, guiding would-be parents on the many variant genetic possibilities in order to reach their optimum child and foresee its optimum future life. The p-evo clinic finds its roots in the transhumanist tradition, achieving epitomical levels; Immaculate Conception is now available to all man.

The p-evo clinic is much more than a sterile clinic space. It is designed to be a beguiling experience, the spiritual realms of the wonder of life, with the utmost respect for choice, human nature and desire, whilst preventing the onslaught of obesity.


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