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Do you live for the now or invest in your future? What is the future of you?

These questions are posed by the FATE INSTITUTE , the Futures Association for Therapy and Entertainment
The FATE institute brings together research and design ideas to underpin The Future of Self-Knowledge philosophy; the cross fertilisation between three methodologies of future forecasting; ancient divination, corporate futurology and predictive gene testing.

Personal Futures/Future of Self Knowledge Research Map

The FATE institute, founded in 2021 is a quasi-scientific institute which applies an holistic approach to developing techniques of future self-knowledge.The institute is divided into three therapy groups:Nature, Nurture and Neither.This system of services implements design-led strategies to create new personalized future forecasting methodologies in times of genetic determinism.

A downloadable review document to outline the services available at TheĀ FATE INSTITUTE, a personalĀ futures thinktank.

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