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THE GENE CEREMONY – Future Pre-Nuptial

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The Gene Ceremony is a ritualistic experience that focuses on the implications of predictive gene & risk testing on our future health susceptibility and the impact of commercial practices as they continue to become more popular and impact on our own preventative health decisions. This alternative future service explores how the unregulated and controversial commercialised DNA tests may evolve into pseudoscientific divination practices or rituals. A spiritual experience that focuses less on the outcomes and more on the intensity of the DNA extraction.

The Food Instruments of the Gene Ceremony

Guests book a session with the NATURE Research & Therapy group at the FATE INSTITUTE and choose from a variety of Food Instruments. Each delicacy represents its own specific predictive risk genetic test to determine the likelihood of developing certain diseases or behavioural disorders.

The Deciding Moment

This ceremonial process ensures the experience of extracting the individuals genetic material is in line with the severity of the diagnostic information it reveals.The DNA material extracted from the jelly bone and oyster will be used by the FATE INSTITUTE to test each participant for their susceptibility to contracting Alzheimers or breast cancer in the future. The diagnosis is one part of a custom-made course of future therapy provided at the holistic Institute.

Tasting the Food Instruments

The Gene Ceremony from FATE's NEITHER Research & Therapy Group

Key questions:

Could the instruments reflect the disease being tested?
How can the importance of these tests now available commercially be reflected in the visceral eating ritual?

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