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The Citizen Evolution exhibit has now been installed at the MAKVienna Design Space, the first project from the Wollersberger & Charlesworth collaboration. The exhibit is one of three winning projects of the Project Vienna – How to react to a city? competition launched by departure and the MAKVienna in January 2010. The exhibition runs until the 30th September and can be found in the MAKDesign Space at the entrance to the MAKVienna on RingStrasse, Vienna.

PigeonPoo Microbial Fuel Cell

Three wall hangings: Pharmaceutical Distribution Network, MicrobeSky and Zentralfriedhof Power Plant

The Main exhibition space - 3 scenarios, 3 objects and map of interdependence

Microbe Sky's StephansDome Cloud Cannon

1. Map of Ecological Interdependence

This map introduces Citizen Evolution and how humans are adapting the way they live and interact with each other and with the surrounding flora and fauna.“Interdependence” describes the dynamic interconnectedness and the reliance on one another socially, economically, environmentally and politically, required in this alternative future.

The map highlights the changing role of the citizens of Vienna as they participate in designing, producing and delivering new service initiatives that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies. These citizens have become self-sufficient citizen-designers, citizen-producers, citizen-scientists and citizen-pharmaceutical farmers.

Map of Ecological Interdependence

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