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In collaboration with Marei Wollersberger, our project for the Project Vienna : How To React To A City competition entitled Citizen Evolution has been chosen to be exhibited at MAKVienna. We developed a range of scenarios based on how citizens of Vienna might use bio and microbial technology to survive if infrastructure and public services were to fail.

One scenario describes how adapting rooftops in Vienna will enable individuals to generate energy by extracting filtered bio gases from pigeon poo.

Our work was recently posted on the Austrian newspaper website called Kurier: “Project Vienna – A Design Strategy – Designstrategien für die Zukunft Wiens |

“Marei Wollersberger and Jessica Charlesworth propose 4 hypothetical scenarios, that create new social structures and dynamics in the city through new interactions and usage of existing resources. For example the pigeonry of the new generation: the consumer generates energy by extracting filtered bio gases from pigeon shit directly on his rooftop.

Visit the Citizen Evolution website

Scenario 1: PigeonPoo RoofGarden

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