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Local Intelligence is a design education workshop project piloted with design students at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in Budapest. The project aims to introduce a sustainable service to design students, residents & local government that will activate future social & economical benefits by creating a “think and do tank” inside design schools in east European countries.

Bas Kools and I set up an interdisciplinary design team of ten dedicated design students and facilitated a four-day workshop to discover how they can use their creative skills in improving the services around them and work closely together with local experts acting as resource in creating a blueprint of the systems and services in their area.

The aim of this project was to inspire, generate and develop new healthy-living based services and improvements to the city of Budaörs by collaborating with local designers, local residents and the city council. The goal of the project is to design and facilitate services that will enable people to integrate healthy living into their daily lives. By bringing together local designers and local residents we created a local think-tank to focus on helping cities improve their public services, with a focus on healthy living. The design outcomes generated by this think tank will highlight opportunities to improve existing and initiate new service ideas.

The workshop was broke up into 4 key days and 4 key processes  with the emphasis towards guerrilla ethnography, quick prototyping and experimenting in the field:

Day One – Immersion: Identifying the issues of healthy living
Day Two – Empathy: Understanding &  observing the needs and issues in the field
Day Three – Synthesis/Ideation: Sharing initial insights and ideas, identifying areas of opportunity to intervene.
Day Four – Prototyping: Testing out hypothesis and initial ideas with people in a particular setting

What Is Local Intelligence? Mindmap - used to kick off the first day with the team

Healthy Living is about staying fit both physically, mentally and socially. We asked the team to initially define health living for four different use cases.

The Local Intelligence: Budapest think-tank team

One group's definiton of Family Health

Images from the first day in a social housing estate in Budaors

Personalised balconies

The entry door panel to one of the estates in Budaors

One of the many hairdressing services at Budaors

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