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For the 4th year BA Product Design students at GSA, I ran a 2 day workshop to explore how design can be used to generate alternative futures and frame debates around the psychological social, cultural and ethical consequences of technology, in particular Cloud Computing,

With the use of a range of protagonists collected from a selection of newspaper articles, students were asked to use their design skills to not specifically solve problems but imagine how these protagonists would use cloud computing to satisfy their desires. How might they use cloud computing for propaganda? gang membership? money laundering? blagging for benefits? vigilantism?

Applications and scenarios included; gang territory virtual tagging indicators , veilbook app for burka wearers, the ministry of facial distribution for deceased dictators, utopian mormon clouds, stolen goods ebay, scientologist sponsored criminal database, story generators for blaggers, pigeon spys, mormon virtual wives…

Some mock ups of the students concepts:

Pigeon Spies

RFID Eagles

VeilBook App for Burka Wearers

Pirate Ebay

Utopian Mormon Land

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  1. Rachel says:

    This was such a fun project, roberta and I certainly enjoyed ourselves visualising pigeon spies!
    Great workshop Jessica!

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