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THE DELPHI PARTY – A Personal Futures Service

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The Delphi Party, a futures forecasting workshop, is a personal futures service offered by The Futures Association for Therapy and Entertainment (FATE Institute).

The Delphi Party draws on an method of forecasting known as the Delphi Technique originally developed by mathematician Olaf Helmer at Project RAND during the 1950s, where a roomful of experts are brought together in a workshop format to determine the future likelihood and expected development time of a certain technology entering the market.

For the Delphi Party, in place of industry experts, friends and family members of a loved one are drawn together under the guidance of an experienced facilitator from the FATE institute to discuss his/hers future life path. Using the collective mindset of the ”panel of experts”, the FATE facilitator guides them to generate their own speculative outcomes of possible, probable and/or preferable variants of the loved one’s future lifepath.

I conducted a Delphi Party with a group of friends and family of a loved one, in this case Jeremy Morris, and used various tools to stimulate discussion about what they thought his possible futures might be. The Delphi Party  uses a variety of tools and stimulus to conduct the workshops.

Delphi studies do not produce truth about the future; they yield, even under the best of circumstances, only consensus opinion about what might be. If the participants are experts, perhaps their opinion represents a possible future which deserves consideration in planning.
– Space engineer Theodore J. Gordon.

All Photography by Dulmini aka Dee

The Panel of Delphi Party Experts

The Delphi Party Facilitator

Delphi Party Tools

Delphi Party Tasks

Delphi Party Tasks

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