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ADHOCISM: WE ARE HERE exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Tim Parsons and I are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting for one week during the month long “We Are Here” – Art & Design Out of Context show curated by  James Goggin, the awesome Design Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago.  Our aim is to install ourselves and a range of work and interactive interventions under the umbrella title of ADHOCISM into the 12 x 12 gallery space for one week and invite all to come and see what we get up to.

ADHOCISM by Tim Parsons & Jessica Charlesworth
We Are Here: Art & Design Out of Context
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 12×12 Gallery
July 19th : 10:30am – 8pm (Free)
July 20th – July 25th: 10:30am – 4:30pm
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, July 19th, 6 pm

As they say here at the MCA site:

“We Are Here is a weekly series of four multidisciplinary art and design situations with Chicago-based participants. Using the gallery as a workspace, the activities of product design collective Object Design League, artist-run project space Golden Age, designers Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth, and screen-printers Sonnenzimmer illustrate how the practical becomes performative when placed out of context. Curated by James Goggin, MCA Design Director.

Object Design League (July 5–10): Caroline Linder and Lisa Smith usually describe themselves as product designers, but under the collective name Object Design League they are known for projects that involve the intangible and temporal � events, pop-up spaces, charettes, and curated exhibitions � rather than actual products.

Golden Age (July 12-17): Artist Marco Kane Braunschweiler and Martine Syms run a small yet internationally connected West Loop project space/workshop/bookstore called Golden age. Projects from the space take on many forms: exhibitions, screenings, performances, and printed matter.

Tim Parsons & Jessica Charlesworth (July 19-24): Product designer/writer Tim Parsons arrived from London last summer to join the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as Associate Professor in Designed Objects. Parsons continues a series of ongoing collaborations with his partner, British designer, future thinker and researcher, Jessica Charlesworth.

Sonnenzimmer (July 26-31): Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi are artists who both happen to have studied graphic design and now run screen printing workshop Sonnenzimmer, a space where they produce printed art and design work for other artists, music and cultural clients, and themselves.”


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