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Speculative Design & Personal Futures

 A 6 minute presentation discussing the development of my practice as a speculative designer.
Beginning with a snapshot outside Jessica Palm Reader’s house in Georgetown, Washington DC, a quote from Tony Dunne’s introduction to this years Design Interactions graduates, a 20 second explanation of the job of a futurist and an exemplary use of Back to the Futures diagram to explain alternative futures.
I discussed various projects relating to ways design is used to speculate about alternative futures by employing techniques including what-if scenarios, thought experiments and retrofuture narratives. Examples projects included Tackling Obesities for Foresight UK thinktank, the Citizen Evolution exhibition at the MAKVienna and ending with a sneak preview to the FOSKBoutique personal futures concept store and related tools The Delphi Party and The Microtend Diary.


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