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Winning second place, this short film was entered into theĀ Future of Money Design Award for 2012 London Digital Money Forum, on the 28th / 29th March, organised by Consult Hyperion.

A cautionary tale exploring the intersection between emotional impact of spending money and evidence of that emotional impact. How could you enforce an emotional connection with financial transactions that would act as a new credit scoring system? What evidence would there be to suggest emotional effort and perhaps indicate the impact of the desire to spend? What if evidence was in the form of bodily fluids?

Obtaining some of these certain bodily fluids require more effort than others and potentially have varying market values. Tears are hard to generate and require time and high emotional impact. Sweat requires physical effort and nervous energy, Blood can be generated under some painful circumstances ( a pin prick, blood donation or menstrual bleed) With that in mind, the format of a cautionary tale suggests how and why this new system could exist.

A proposed new system for establishing credit score worthiness.

Tears can be measured according to potency of the antibacterial enzyme Lysozyme

A glass lachrymatory tear bottle used in the drive-in weeping booths. Each bottle uses ceramic filter membranes to absorb tears. Potency of antibacterial lysozyme is measured in docking station.

Salt content of a sweat produced saline solution can be measured by a refractometer

Saltree crystals suspended in saline solution harvested with every drop of sweat


Blood can be donated on a monthly basis as a tax to contribute to society's credit score

Monthly blood tax donation measured with bullseye target bloodbag

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