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CAMPARI JAM @ DesignMarketo’s Bar Alto Atlanta

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Campari Jam - Duralex glass and Weck canning jar lid with seal

Campari Jam - Duralex glass and Weck canning jar lid with seal, 2012

Some things are just meant to be. The serendipitous discovery that the lid of another design classic—the Weck canning jar—fitted onto the Duralex Picardie glass led us to the conclusion that what was needed was to fill this new assemblage with Campari Jam—a flavorsome reminder of last night’s Negronis* at this morning’s breakfast.

*Negroni is 1/3 of Campari, 1/3 of Martini and 1/3 of Gin and is a variant of the Americano, invented by the Count of Negroni who wanted something a little stronger. Campari Jam recipe  includes strawberries, peaches and Campari- adapted from dinnerfornone

CampariJam on sale during Bar Alto Atlanta, Duralex glass & Weck canning jar lid an seal, 2012

Campari Jam on sale during Bar Alto Atlanta

In June 2012 Tim Parsons and I were invited by Alex and Jerome from DesignMarketo to contribute a Duralex Picardie design for their Bar Alto Atlanta exhibition during the Modern Atlanta and the Design is Human week in Atlanta, Georgia. DesignMarketo’s Bar Alto collection was first exhibited at Maurizio’s Bar Basso during Salon del Mobile in 2011 inviting 10 designers to design a rework of the Duralex Picardie glass used to serve Negronis at the infamous Milanese drinking establishment Bar Basso.

Available to buy at DesignMarketo

DesignMarketo's Bar Alto Atlanta caoster

DesignMarketo's Bar Alto Atlanta coaster

Bar Alto Atlanta installation at Soundbar

Bar Alto Atlanta installation at Space2



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