jessica charlesworth

Proposal for THE BUILDER’S LOUNGE at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago


The Builders Lounge

Complimenting the planned activity for the 4th floor windows of the Museum of Contemporary Art where visitors will ‘build’ skyscrapers on the windows, the accompanying installation borrows the language and the materials of the construction site to create ad-hoc furniture.

Visitors are encouraged to imagine the process of building skyscrapers by being confronted with the accoutrements of the building trade. In The Builder’s Lounge bulk bags become bean bags, scaffolding planks and trestles create table surfaces, pallets and stone slabs create coffee tables.By recontextualizing familiar construction site objects in layouts associated with domestic space, the installation aims to create an uncanny balance between the real and the surreal.

The installation will be shown from 30th June to 23rd September 2012 on the 4th floor lobby as part of the Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity exhibition.



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