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The MeMo Organisation, CHICAGOLAND @ Wanted Design, New York



Jessica Charlesworth presents The MeMo Organization at group show CHICAGOLAND exhibiting in conjunction with Wanted Design at 269 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 May 17th – 20th 2013

“At the beginning of the last century, the polluted branches of the Chicago River gathered in the forests of the Midwest and the massive slaughter of the stockyards supplied the hair, leather, and glue for furniture manufacturing on an unprecedented scale. The transplantation of the New Bauhaus to Chicagoland seeded a legacy: Mies van der Rohe, Cranbrook, Herman Miller and Knoll, along with Wormley and Dunbar, Robsjohn-Gibbings and Widdicomb, makers whose vintage productions are chased after in the auction rooms of New York and London. Chicagoland designers are the children of the plastics engineers and toolmakers, inventors of X-ray machines and chewing gum chemists that powered the American industrial core of the last century. They are the children of the Midwestern manufacturing centers of Megapolis: Grand Rapids; Holland; Berne. Industrial making is their vision of American culture…with a twist. Today in Chicagoland, the collapse of American domestic furniture manufacturing is leading to a reformulation of design practices and an opening. Chicagoland is the first important survey of Midwestern studio practices and alternative production at the forefront of a newly engaged, relevant American design culture.
Because Chicagoland has always known it’s design shit from Shinola.”

(text by Michael Graham of Balloon Contemporary, Chicago)

Featuring: Aaron Jones, Ayush Kasliwal, ChiLab, Casey Gunschel, Casey Lurie, Charlie McArthur, Chiu Kuan-Wen, Craighton Berman, Evan Ward, Jason Lewis, Michael Koehler, Manifold, Mark Kinsley, Materious, Michael Dreeben, Michael Savona, Parsons & Charlesworth, Ray Doeksen, Steven Haulenbeek, Thing Thing, and West Supply.

‘The MeMo Organisation’ is a collection of future memento mori objects that explore a range of poetic rituals and attitudes towards death and mourning in relation to emerging developments in science, philosophy and technology.
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