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NEW SURVIVALISM HAND OUT + WORKSHOP @Istanbul Design Biennial 2014

To accompany the bug-out bags, New Survivalism includes a tool for assessing what might be valuable to us in the not-too-distant future. A choose-your-own-adventure-style questionnaire, (designed with Christopher Roeleveld this adaptive manifesto guides us to reflect on who we are as individuals and what a crisis might mean for our interests.

The poster handout has the 6 protagonist stories and illustrations on the front side and a “Whats In Your Bug Out Bag? workshop sheet on the reverse.   During the Biennial we conducted a workshop with local design students asking each of them to design their own protagonist and alternative Bug Out Bag.
Download handout here

NewSurvivalism_front page_opt_180

New Survivalism handout containing drawings and accompanying story text for each protagonist.


Whats in your Bug Out Bag? Workshop process on reverse side of New Survivalism Handout

NewSurvivalism_v6.indd NewSurvivalism_v6.indd


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