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Tim Parsons and I will be giving a talk at Core77’s Object Culture one-day conference in June entitled  ‘Spectacular Vernacular’.

How often do you take for granted the intentions, design and purposes of the objects you use and see every day? Have you ever considered how subtle shifts in the form and purpose of everyday objects can open up provocative alternate realities?

Our presentation will challenge us to consider that what we see as apparently real is actually fictional; what looks familiar is also somewhat out of place. The mass produced becomes unique and the vernacular, spectacular. We will discuss how many of our projects have the quality of being almost or apparently one thing, but are in fact another. What looks mass produced is actually unique. What appears vernacular might, on closer scrutiny reveal the spectacular. This shift in perception through encountering the work is designed to prompt reevaluation. These not quite mass-consumed-products or ‘quasi-objects’ are often embedded in fictional scenarios, created by us to encourage the viewer to rethink the conventional desires of commodity culture, extending them into  previously under explored territory.

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